Mobile Content Delivery

Content is the the greatest asset of your business. Control, leverage, make it discoverable and consumable instantly

Rights Management

Protect your rights. Control your IP. Manage your assets. Data flows only and only to the autorized. Secured.

Multi platform, multi format

Seamless experience for users on all type of devices. - Web, mobile. Start pushing your data in its current format instantly

Data relevance and insights

Discover new audiences. Connect the right content with the right audience. Intelligent data-driven decisions

Salient features

White Label

Your customers connect with your brand. The recall value is the highest if they can identify and associate the app with the organization they trust. With Collectivv, launch your application which reflects the organization's identity. The name, logo, icon, colors all speak of the organization people can relate to. Give us the logos, color themes of the organization. The app will be instantly white labelled.

Agile Content Delivery

Organizing your content and showing the most relevant content first is the key to success. Structure it in collections / categories, tag it to show on home screen for promotions etc. Add more content in various formats on the go with our powerful back office integrations. All clients get the updates get synced in real time.

Multiple formats

Start reaching your customres on mobile with the data format you already have. Support the formats your traditionally use.

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio Visual
  • Multiple platforms

    Native applications for mobile devices. Adaptive UI design. Intuitive UX. Supports all screen sizes. Allows browsing, m-commerce, wishlists, consumption etc. Different players for different formats.

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Super rich back office

    Easy content management, bulk import etc. Supports localizations and internationlization. Reach out to your customers in the language best suited for them. Many payment gateway systems, even cash for delivery for digital products. Multiple user roles definitions with granular access. Create promotions, campaigns discounts, generate vouchers and launch immediately. Chose from subcription based models or a la carte

    Powerful, actionable Analytics

    Monitor sales, usage. Find out the bestsellers, categories. Push notifications to users based on analytics data. Provide special discounts. Generate reports - product sales, overall sales, categories etc. Analyse user behaviour and consumption modes, user folws, sources, live installs - optimise data.

    Data Security

    All communication and storage are encrypted (1024/2048) bit encryption. All content accessible only via the dedicated app. Only you have the admin rights to access the content from the back office too. Time based and duration based access for the customers. Geo fencing and IP-based fencing for more control.

    The most versatile content delivery platform yet. Get it now!

    Collectivv brings your offline business online or already online business to Mobile. That means more enegagement, more users, more consumption and hence higher sales. Our existing customers have registered 4x growth within 2 months of launching. Your users can consume the data when they want to. Usage data already shows around 78% of usage is while driving / travelling or just before sleep. These are also the activities which require mobility and ease of use. Collectivv caters to these users and also give you abilities to analyse this behaviour and send targeted notifications when they actually matter. Collectivv is already market ready and you can launch in just a week.
    Collectivv is a platform by Wayocom Labs . Wayocom is founded by alumni of elite institutes of India including BITS and DA-IICT. The team has enormous experience in the fields of Enterprise mobility, Field force Automation, Sales force Automation, Blue force tracking, App virtualization and streaming (to enable corporate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies), Geo spcaial data visualization. Our mobile enterprise solutions already handle multi billion monthly transactions. Storytel, Magma Fincorp, Baja Autofinance, AmanziTel, Motorola, Nokia monility are some of the companies we have worked with. Our offices are located in Hyderabad, India and Malmö, Sweden.

    Overview of our Domain Expertise

    We have been working in this domain for more than 7 years now with a combined experience of more than 80 years. Here is a brief evaluation.

    Domains we excel at

    Some Use cases of Collectivv


    Collectivv is best suited for Audiobooks. It has all the features like auto resume, player widget, lock screen and notification controls, 30 sec jumps etc. built in. Reado mobile apps completely based on it.


    The e-book player is built-in in the apps. Supports multiple formats like pdf, .pub. .mobi etc. e-book specific features like text selection, highlighting, notes, bookmarks etc. are provided OOB


    The platform also supports all music and video formats. Specific features like collections, playlists, albums, playing youtube videos, now pplaying widget mae it market ready for entertainment app.


    • Audiobooks
    • 12 % / download
    • White labelling
    • API integration
    • Server Caching
    • Offline Mode
    • Subscription Model
    • Technical Support
    • Unlimited Users
    • Get in touch
    • E-books
    • 15 % / download
    • Free Website
    • iOS and Android Apps
    • Techinical Support
    • White labelling
    • Email marketing
    • SEO
    • Push notifications
    • Get in touch

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